About Us

Jen Lubián Jewelry


Jen Lubian-Christopher is the designer and creative force behind Jen Lubián Jewelry. 

Originally from Miami Florida, but currently based in the heart of the midwest, JLJ is a collection of jewelry seen through the perpetual lens of tropical inspired living, combined with the simplicity of a midwest modern lifestyle. Her influence and design aesthetics are drawn from the quiet nature of clean modern lines, in conjunction with a strong hispanic heritage filled with a bold complexity of colors, imagery and iconographic environments.  

Established in 2019, (and formerly known as AVES+BRIT) Each piece of jewelry is designed and hand curated by Jen in her small studio in Lafayette, Indiana. The jewelry is made from carefully sourced, high quality, gold-filled & anti-tarnish gold-plated components, AAA+ pearls and semi-precious stones. 

Why gold-filled you may ask?

Gold-filled is the next best thing to solid gold but with out the solid gold price. Heat bonded to a core metal provides a longer lasting jewelry surface than gold-plating can offer, which can eventually wear down and fade over time.